Absence And Leave

Absence & Leave

Punctuality and regularity in attendance is insisted upon. Prior sanction of leave by the Principal is necessary unless it is an emergency.The leave of absence will be granted only on receipt of a written application from parents/ guardians well in advance.Students are entitled upto a maximum of four days leave and that too for unavoidable reasons.The absence of a student from school for a valid reason will be condoned upto a maximum period of one month only.

Should a child absent herself on grounds of ill-health, a medical certificate from a qualified doctor should be submitted along with the parents application for sick leave.Students face the penalty of getting their marks deducted if they absent themselves from celebration of National festivals. All students are expected to attend school on the last working day prior to vacation as well as on the re-opening day after vacation . Absence without leave notice renders the pupil liable to have her name struck off the Roll. Re-admission may be granted only on principal’s consideration.