Health, Security & Safety

Health, Security & Safety

Student health:

The health of each student is a priority to us. Not only as a concern for their general wellbeing but because the health of a child is an important factor in the learning process. The school is planning to open a health centre soon.

Air quality:

Air pollution is a major issue in this part of the world. We believe in making our school campus as clean and green as possible.

Students’ security:

The safety of the school community is of prime importance and the school regularly reviews its security practices, both inside and outside the school campus. Whether our students are in class, on a school trip or at a Sports Day, stringent security measures are implemented to protect them at all times.

Most of the security services are outsourced to a leading specialist security group. The school is under continuous surveillance and regular patrolling. The perimetre wall has been secured to discourage any unauthorised entry. The guards are well equipped with security apparatus and measures are in place for body and bag searches.The school is also equipped withfireextinguishers. Regular emergency drills are carried out to be prepared for any eventuality.

Identity cards/Visitors:

The entire school community (studentsand staff) is issued with access cards which allows them access into the school.We request all visitors to make a prior appointment and carry a government issued ID card which are mandatory for entry into school. There are no exceptions. Visitors should be prepared for a body scan and bag search.