Our Library

Our Library

The library is a source of information,wisdom and inspiration. Students of all ages are encouraged to take full advantage of it to help them develop life-long skills to set their foundation in this Information Age. Its comprehensive collection of resources is available for use by all members of the school for study, personal, recreation and relaxation purposes.

Opening timings:

The library is open between 8:00am and 2:30pm on school working days. Each class has a weekly borrowing session.There is a teacher librarian to assist in locating information and to borrow resources.

Borrowing books:

Books may be borrowed for one week and they can be returned or changed earlier if so desired. All books must be returned before the summer vacation. Students may borrow one book at a time. classes 1 to 6 may borrow one fiction and one non-fiction book, and teachers may borrow 5 books per week.

Late, lost or damaged books:

In case a student is late in returning books, either a reminder sticker is put in the student diary or an overdue note is sent home. A letter asking for payment may also be sent to parents.

If a book is damaged, please return it to school so we can try to repair it.

Students are taught how to care for books and should follow a clear guideline on the dos and don’ts in the library.