Nawang's Memorial Sponsorship Scheme

Nawang's Memorial Sponsorship Scheme is a unique instrument that empowers you to transform the future of young hearts and minds. Sponsorship creates a special relationship between you and a child you probably have never met before. Nawang's Memorial Sponsorship Scheme offers you a chance to provide a 'sense of security' and 'a sense of belonging' to a child, and in return you will get the satisfaction of having invested in a better future for a child and for society.

The Scheme offers sponsorships at two levels :
School Sponsorship Scheme
Extended Sponsorship Scheme

School Sponsorship SchemeS

Sponsor a Child's Education for 1 Month

Your Donation will be used as follow
Child's stipend deposited in the bank 50
Transport cost 150
Cost of books, utilities and medical aid 300
Tution fee 200
Expenses for food 300
Feedback cost 0
Total Rs. 1000 $16 $192

Feedback :

Details that will be provided to donor case histories, report on child for the month, quarterly and annual reports
Whether supporting photographs will be provided to the donor ? YES